The apparent assassination of the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has increased support for critics of the country’s government.

 Those critics accuse North Korea of being a state that operates outside the law. They say the government kills its enemies and depends on criminal activity for survival.

 Malaysian officials continue to investigate the death of Kim Jong Nam, who was attacked at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Monday. He died a short time later.

 Kim Jong Nam and Kim Jong Un are sons of former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

 On Thursday, Malaysian police said they arrested a woman suspected of involvement in the killing. She is said to have an Indonesian passport.

 Another woman was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of involvement in the case. She reportedly had Vietnamese travel papers.

 Police also detained a man who provided information that led to the arrest of one of the women.

 South Korean officials have said two North Korean female agents poisoned Kim Jong Nam at the airport. They say the women sprayed liquid droplets at him and then held a cloth over his face.

 That information is different from early reports of how Kim Jong Nam may have been poisoned.

 Airport cameras captured images of the suspects. One woman wore a shirt with the letters “LOL” on the front.

 There are reports that Malaysian officials have refused efforts by North Korean officials to stop a medical exam of the body.

 North Korean critics have described the government as a highly corrupt, family-led criminal operation. They say North Korea is active in smuggling, secretly transporting goods and other materials in and out of the country.

 Critics also say the government is involved in drug trafficking and arms dealing, including the exchange of nuclear materials and missile parts. They say all the money earned goes to North Korea’s wealthy leadership.

 In 2012, United Nations diplomats reported on the discovery of North Korean-made graphite cylinders on a Chinese ship traveling to Syria. They said the tubes could be used to make missiles.

 In 2005, an official from Ireland was arrested for having high-quality counterfeit copies of money from the United States. The counterfeit $100 bills reportedly were made in North Korea.

 In 2016, a British citizen was sentenced to 15 years in prison for plotting to import 100 kilograms of North Korean methamphetamine drugs into the U.S.

 Robert Kelly teaches at Pusan National University in South Korea. He says he would not be surprised if the North Korean leadership was to blame for the killing of Kim Jong Nam.


 “You know, the North Koreans, they just don’t follow the rules, both internally and externally. They treat their own people terribly and overseas they basically have engaged in this massive illicit economy and it’s not surprising that that would also include illicit political behaviors like assassinations.”

 Kim Jong Nam was once considered a possible replacement for Kim Jong Il as North Korea’s head of state. But the son was caught trying to enter Japan with a false passport in 2001, reportedly to visit Tokyo Disneyland. After that, Kim Jong Nam spent most of his time in Macau.

 In 2012, he wrote a note to a Japanese reporter. It said, “The Kim Jong-un regime will not last long. Without reforms.”

 The South Korean National Intelligence Service said recently that the North Korean leader had given a “standing order” for his half-brother’s killing when he took power.

 Robert Kelly says stopping unlawful activity by North Korea’s leadership could put pressure on the government to change. But, he says, that would require cooperation from China, North Korea’s main ally. He thinks China is unwilling to do anything that would weaken the Kim family’s control and that would create instability within its neighbor.

 As of Thursday, there was no news of Kim Jong Nam’s death in North Korean media.

 North Korean leader Kim Jong Un marked the birthday of his father Kim Jong Il, which is a national holiday in the country.

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turn into ... の2つの意味


 このカードの英文には turn into が2回出てきますね。

 the frog turned into an absolutely gorgeous sexy young prince(カエルはものすごくゴージャスでセクシーな若い王子様に変わったのです)と、what the old lady turned into? です。



 The first motel she could find.

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shop と store の違い

 shop も 「店」 ですし、store も 「店」 です。どう違うのでしょうか。

 アメリカのサイトなどで、ネイティブ・スピーカーが 「小さいのが shop で大きいのが store だ」 と答えていたりしますが、変な回答です。英語の母語話者でも知らないことは多いものだという典型でしょうね。

 よく 「ネイティブはこう言う」 と言って、英語母語者の言うことを金科玉条のごとく信じる人も多いようですが、いつもマユに唾を引いて考えたほうがよいと思います。

 では、shop store の違いを考えてみましょう。


 このカードでは、pet store という表現が出ていますね。日本語では、私たちはふつう 「ペットショップ」 と言いますから、「ペットストア」 にはちょっと違和感を感じますね。

 coffee shop coffee store はどう違うと思いますか。coffee shop はコーヒーを淹れて出してくれる店ですね。
 coffee store は? こちらはコーヒー豆を売っている店です。コーヒーは飲めません。サンプルで飲ませてくれるところもあるかもしれませんが。

 では、book storebook shop の違いは?
 「book shop なんてないよ」と言われるかもしれません。イギリスにはあります。

 コーヒー店の例で考えると、book store は本を売っている店で、book shop は本を作っている店のように思えますが、これは、昔、悪くなった本を繕い直してくれていた店の名残りの呼び方です。製本をやり直してくれる店です。

 もうお分かりですね。shop は何らかの作業を提供してくれる店で、store は品物を置いて売っている店のことです。

 workshop という語があります。研修の中でも、ワークショップは、何らかの作業などをして、技術などを習得する研修ですね。ただ講師の話を聞くだけの研修はワークショップと言いません。

つまり、shop store は、店の規模の違いではないということですね。



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 Voice of America American Mosaic (アメリカの種々相)という番組です。やさしい、ゆっくりとした英語です。



 Forget the chocolates, flowers and jewelry.

 This Valentine’s Day, February 14, perhaps the best gift you can give the love of your life is your undivided attention. Sadly, for many of us, that is easier said than done.

 An international study of more than 13,000 adults found that many people say modern technology has affected relations with their partner. Almost 40 percent of those questioned said their partner paid more attention to their mobile device than to them.

 Intel Security Group, a private company, paid for the study. It examined how romantic relationships are affected by a person's use of social media and the Internet.

 The research included both old and new relationships. Thirty-three percent of those asked reported that they had to compete against a mobile device for attention on a first date.

 Apparently, we have as much love for our digital devices as for the people we love. Intel’s survey found that adults spend almost equal amounts of time online at home as they do interacting directly.

 And a lot of married couples, friends and family members argue about time spent on mobile devices.

 Gary Davis is the chief consumer security officer at Intel Security. He says recognition of our electronic device involvement is important.

 “If you have a pattern where you’re at dinner, you’re out on a date, you're home having a quiet evening, maybe watching a show, or just enjoying a fire ... and a device comes into play, it’s that awkward thing that I don’t think enough people think about. And when they don’t think about it, they don’t understand the wear and tear it’s causing on the relationship.”

 Edward Spector holds a similar opinion.

 “We’re not thoughtfully progressing in terms of how we’re using technology.”

 Spector works as a psychologist in Bethesda, Maryland. He studies human behavior, and specializes in technology dependence.

 "So, we have to be thoughtful about the consequences of connecting to a particular social network, or allowing yourself to have the habit of the last hour and a half of your evening be checking your Facebook, or always responding to a text immediately."

 Rules or time limits on a device might be good, in theory. However, Intel’s survey found that 45 percent of those questioned do not set rules. Another 45 percent said they got into arguments about how much they are on their phones when spending time with loved ones.

 The lack of social rules about digital behavior might be the result of the newness of the issue.

 Past generations did not have the technologies, said psychologist Spector.

 “In this situation, our elders know nothing. In fact, the knowledge and competence is moving towards the youngest generation that’s using the technology because they’re the ones bounding forward fearlessly, and finding out what ways you can get in trouble.”

 That trouble may include the sharing of sensitive information. Intel’s research found nearly 30 percent of couples share passwords to social media sites. This could be a problem when relationships end.

 Intel’s Gary Davis advises that people step away from electronic devices to truly connect with other people.

 “Understand the value of distancing yourself from your device and allow yourself to be engaged with that person that means the most to you,” said Davis.

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乗り物に使う on と in の区別

 乗り物に「〜に乗って」と言うとき、in を使うのか on なのか迷う人も多いのではないでしょうか。on the bus、on the train、on the plane、on the ship などは on なのに、なぜ乗用車だけ in the car なのでしょうか。

 英語のサイトにネイティブ・スピーカーが文法問題に回答するものがあり、「屋根のない乗り物には on を使う」だとか「中で移動できるくらい広い乗り物には in を使う」など珍説もあったりしますが、どれも的を射ていません。


 上に述べたバス、電車、列車、飛行機、船は、どれもが商業的に毎回同じルートを移動していることがポイントです。つまり、「決まったの上」を運行しているのです。on the line という考え方です。

 今では無線がほとんどですが、電話もインターネットも、出だしは線がつながっていました。ですから、on the phone であり、on the Internet と言います。

 屋根のあるのは in で、ないのが on のように区別するという人もいますが、今では、ほとんどの乗り物に屋根がありますから、on を使う理由が説明できませんね。

 こうした商用の乗り物に対して、自家用車はどこでも自由に走り、決まった路線がありません。ですから、on ではなく in を使います。in the car、in my car のように言います。
 タクシーは商業用ですが、同じルートを走るわけではありませんので、in a taxi のように in を使います。

 on the plane だからすべての飛行機は on なのかと思ってしまいますが、in a small plane という表現があります。これは small がミソです。自家用機なのですね。つまり、商業用のコマーシャルルートのように毎回同じ「線」を飛ぶわけではありませんから、on は使わず in になるわけです。

 このように路線が決まった乗り物には on を使い、どこでも自由に行ける乗り物には in が基本です。

 だからと言って、「on ではない乗り物は in だ」のように結論づけることもできません。バイクや自転車や馬は、商用ルートがあるわけではありませんが、on を使います。
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